Japanese Artist Exhibition & Sale


KiMonoMonoBeing Japanese American, I create original designs inspired by Japanese aesthetic and my graphic design background. My work is clean and fun, modern and traditional, great for both casual and formal occasions.
“Mono” means things in Japanese. I love making mono from my stash of Japanese fabric!

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olympia bonsaiThe Olympia Bonsai Club is dedicated to sharing our passion for creating and caring for these living pieces of art within the greater South Sound area.

Website: olympiabonsai.org

Urara Nishikawa

12272938_10206571241892510_480804856_nMy name is Urara Nishikawa, aka ” Jo”.  My Japanese name Urara means “beautiful.”  I love to create beautiful things.
​I am a mother of three living in Bellevue WA.  I am originally from Japan.  I started face painting for my daughter, Aloha, and I just loved it.  Now I do school/church events and birthday parties painting those beautiful faces and enjoy their smiles.
Website: bellalunafacepainting.com

Jane Stone

P1100453Jane Stone creates stoneware and porcelain inspired by the forms and textures of Japanese traditional pottery.  An art/art history professor at South Puget Sound Community College, she has shared her enthusiasm with hundreds of students from our community.

Tacoma-Olympia Chapter of Ikebana International

ikebanaThe Tacoma-Olympia Chapter of Ikebana International will also taking part in this year’s Japanese Art Exhibition. Ikebana International is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging. The organization has chapters all over the world and we are honored to have the Tacoma-Olympia Chapter presenting over 20 displays at Oshogatsu 2013. For more information about Ikebana International please visit their website.

Pacific Northwest artist Chiyo Sanada

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 9.00.31 PMPacific Northwest artist Chiyo Sanada, , originally from Hiroshima, Japan, began training in calligraphy at age seven. Chiyo creates her art from her home studio in Olympia WA. Her work is featured in galleries and exhibitions through the Northwest. Chiyo teaches calligraphy, instructs workshops, and conducts live calligraphy performances at both public and private events. As she expresses herself with Kanji characters, her thoughts and emotions flow from hand to brush to paper. While many people in the U.S. cannot read kanji characters, most seem to sense the meaning she is trying to convey through the characteristics of her brush strokes, the colors she uses, and other artistic choices.

Senga Artist Sachi Tanimoto

69 2012  Japanese Sweets AsagaoSenga Artist Sachi Tanimoto is an award-winning member of the Japanese Senga Association and is a certified Senga Instructor. SENGA is a highly refined and complex form of the traditional Japanese cut-paper art called kirigami (ki-ri-ga-mi). While kirigami is generally considered to be a traditional craft, SENGA, with its delicate combination of over-all simplicity and intricacy of lines, curves and colors, has established itself as a true art form in Japan — and around the world.

Yasuko Nakamura

ShabonMermaidYasuko’s style is inspired by girl’s Manga, Kirie and also through her experience designing stationary for the letterpress process. Mixing manual mediums such as hand drawings and the antique letterpress printing method with digital paintings creates a feel of modern yet classical art. Her passion for drawing was cultivated in Japan where she grew up, and she is still living strongly with it in the US, finding inspiration in mythical creatures, fairy tales, Venetian masks, dolls, costume design, Ballet and Japanese textiles. She strives to use these motifs as poetic storytellers within her visual world.

Website: yasukonakamura.com

Susan Ishii (Fashion)

susan ishiiSusan’s work showcases Japanese traditional and modern designs through eye-catching textiles from Japan. She incorporates Japanese textiles with simple yet bold fabric, making the clothing accessible to a wide audience.
She is constantly designing new accessories and clothing. Inspired by the summer’s I spent in Kyoto with my grandmother, who also designed clothing. Her work is handmade with love and care with the best fabrics sourced from local suppliers, as well as from contacts in Japan… Visit her Etsy Shop

Ellen Miffit (Mixed Media)

EllenEllen Miffitt brings over forty years of artistic experience in the arts to her personal expression and art instruction. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, she started painting sumi-e in January of 2002 with Fumiko Kimura and registered “Nine Lives Studio” in Oct of 2002. Ellen’s art may be seen at The Gallery, Bainbridge Arts and Crafts on Bainbridge Island WA and exhibits regionally and nationally. Visit her website.