Roly-Poly Daruma: Set a goal as you make your own one-eyed Daruma. He’ll remind you to keep working toward your dream. Fill in the other eye when you reach your goal and save your Daruma for good luck!

Japanese Waving Cat: “Maneki-neko” (also called Japanese Beckoning Cats), are said to bring good fortune. Make and decorate your own kitty to take home!

Wearable Origami Samurai Helmet: Easy to fold and fun to wear, these samurai helmets are made from recycled newspapers!

Omikuji Fortunes: Choose a folded fortune from the bag and learn what the new year holds in store for you! Will your dream come true? Is good luck in your future?

Origami Paper Art: Learn to create something wonderful from folded paper!

Kimono Photo Booth: Try on real kimono and yukata; learn how an “obi” is tied and find out how it feels to wear these traditional Japanese robes. Our “kimono experts” Sachiko and Yumeka, will help you through the process of dressing in these beautiful, wearable works of art. Snap a photo to capture the moment!

Fukubukuro (Mystery Bags): These fun, popular grab bags are a New Year tradition for many Japanese shops. Buy a bag and see what treasures are inside!

Raffle Tickets: The winning ticket claims the acrylic on canvas Calligraphy Painting created by Chiyo Sanada during her live calligraphy performance

Timberland Regional Library: TRL will bring Japanese Books, Videos and Music items from their collections that can be checked out by visitors at the event! Library cards will also be issued to those who need one.